Web Design Audit

Do you have a current website, but find it is not generating the leads that you would like? For many web site owners, they embrace the benefits that come with choosing a web design audit.

Maybe you have had complaints and feedback from customers regarding the web design operations and would like for web design professionals to investigate the issues.

During this process, the overall design is reviewed and assessed by our team at Web Design Chorley to determine what changes should be made and what is currently working. Below are some of the leading features that we assess thoroughly during the audit process.

Uniform and Consistency

One of the first things that are audited throughout the web design is the uniformity and consistency found from page to page. No matter which pages a customer visits, they should be able to recognize a similar structure and brand carrying over. Maintaining a single brand logo on each page is critical.

Keeping the same themes and design throughout is webpage minimizes confusion for your customers and keeps them invested in your website. If you have recently updated your brand, logos, or mantra for your business, all pages should be updated to reflect the same image.

Are You Trending On Searches?

The goal for each website is to lead on internet searches and become one of the leading results available.During a web design audit, your web page will be assessed to determine if you are trending on the searches or if you have low visibility to potential customers.

If you are not found in the first initial searches for your services and location, then you could continue losing leads to competitors. In order for customers to locate your website, they must first be able to find it.Based on this analysis, you may need to increase your SEO optimization and get a full analysis as to what can be done to boost higher visibility.

Technical Difficulties

For many of the web designs we audit, there are underlying technical issues that are missed by the website owners. The issue may not be that something is not working, but it may be difficult and inconvenient for customers to use. Your web page design could generate high visibility, but suffer leads due to the difficulties of the design.

During the web design audit, our team will review each process and link to determine if and what the difficulties of the web design may be for customers trying to review your products and/or services.

Get The Structure, Optimisation, and Web Design You Need Today!

At Web Design Chorley, we offer a web design audit service that is an incredible tool that can bring new life to your web design by encouraging a solid structure, theme, and proper optimisation to get your website fully operational.

A web design audit is the best tool to identify any issues or difficulties that your customers and leads may experience when visiting the website. If you would like to experience an in-depth and thorough web design audit with analysis, contact us today for more information.


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