Web Design Packages

We know that not every website is created equal. There are numerous types of websites out there and one of our strengths is that we can tailor our web design packages to meet the needs of the client. We would always recommend starting with one of our Web Design Audits, but here are some of the most common packages that we offer include:

Single Webpage Design

This is one of the most common requests that we receive. Whether this is for a crowdfunding website, photo-sharing website, or a personal blog, our price for a single webpage is around £500. Our price will vary depending on the specific requests of the client. Some of the benefits of working with us for a single webpage design include:

  • We have access to advanced tools that allow us to design a website that will stand out from the crowd
  • We are flexible enough to tailor our designs to meet your needs
  • We will ensure that your website is responsive to the needs of its visitors, keeping them happy and increasing your online visibility

If you are looking for a single webpage design, rely on our web design packages to take care of your needs.


Brochure Website

Another option that we offer is a brochure website. A brochure website will give your product or service a sense of credibility in the online world. Think of this as an online version of a business card. Using a brochure site, your company will convey a sense of permanence to your customers while also providing them with a valuable source of information.

The fact is that customer expectations dictate that companies have a strong, professional, online web presence. That is where our web design packages can help you. A brochure website is the most cost-effective way for you to achieve this goal. Furthermore, our brochure sites can increase your sales by driving them through your current channels such as visits to your office or telephone calls.

Some of the information that we will include in your brochure website include:

  • The main default page (the front page of your website)
  • An “About Us” page (which includes a little bit about your company)
  • A page for your product or services, providing a helpful overview of what you do
  • The location page, showing customers where your business is located, providing directions and maps
  • A contact us page, which is where people can ask for more information

Finally, a brochure website can even allow you to experiment with online sales, gauging how successful your company might be in the online world. Then, if you like it, you can upgrade to an e-commerce website. Our packages for a brochure website are usually around £1,500; however, the exact price will depend on exactly what the client needs.

E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website is the most inclusive and advanced package that we offer. If you would like your customers to be able to conduct online sales through an internet portal, then you need a strong e-commerce website. Today, more and more sales are being handled in the online world. That is why you need to keep up with the competition and provide a convenient way for your customers to shop online.

That is where an e-commerce website from our expert designers is essential. Some of the components that we will include in an e-commerce website include:

  • The bestselling products and services from your company right on the homepage
  • The option to zoom in for additional details on pictures
  • Reliable contact information and a feedback form for customers
  • Price filters that will help both you and your customers
  • A ratings and reviews page
  • Shipping options and details for your customers

An e-commerce website will allow your customers to conduct sales through an online portal. Our packages for an e-commerce website usually hover around £2499; however, the exact price will depend on what the customer needs.

High-Quality Web Design Packages

These are the most common web design packages that we offer. Allow us to generate a strong online presence for your company or business with a premier website. If you would like to learn more about our packages, please contact us today!


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