Web Design Services

Web design is no joke. At Web Design Chorley, we focus on web design services that are professional and creative. It ensures that clients get a website that they can proudly stand behind.

We take a bespoke approach to web design to ensure our clients get what they need to compete within the marketplace. We look at branding, marketing goals, industry, and all sorts of other components to make the biggest impact.

Our team is comprised of digital innovators, graphic artists, web development strategists, and more. It ensures that we have what it takes to offer an impressive design. With our web design services at work, websites can provide the “wow” factor.

Our free design appointments allow us to chat with our clients about what it is they want out of a website. Some businesses want a website that allows for more sales through e-commerce. Other businesses want a call to action to gain more leads. Meanwhile, other businesses want to create a more enhanced call to action. We’ve worked with it all, giving confidence to businesses of all sizes.

We’ve seen websites that need a little work and others that need a lot of work. Outdated sites and readymade templates are incapable of thriving in today’s competitive world. We want to give our clients a competitive edge, and that means working to add creativity, content, and a better overall design.

We offer free website audits to ensure our potential clients know where their website can improve. Particularly with businesses looking for a refresh and re-design, this can be an eye-opening experience.

Expertise in All Platforms

From WordPress to Magento to Weebly, we’re experts in all of the top platforms. We’re able to work with our clients to give them the content management system that will give full control. We’re also able to deliver the e-commerce knowledge to drive sales and offer greater automation in the back end. With our knowledge across the platforms, it makes it easier for us to get the needed results and take our clients’ websites to the next level.

Our clients come to us with the desire to refresh and rebuild their sites. Depending on the platform, we can stay within the platform or transition to a better platform that can offer more features.

During a website audit and consultation, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the platform to ensure it can continue to meet goals and grow with the needs of the business.

Customised & Creative

We don’t believe in out of the box solutions with templates used by the rest of the world. Competitive edges aren’t obtained with templates. They’re boring, they’re tired, and they’re ineffective. Unfortunately, most small businesses will use templates because they believe it’s the cheapest option to give them a digital presence.

At Web Design Chorley, we take web design services to the next level by offering customisation. Our specialists love taking on new challenges, pushing themselves in new and creative ways using the latest technologies.

Better branding

More innovative designs

Colourful landing pages

Easy-to-navigate sites

A premium user experience

Our clients have come to expect customisation at every step of the process. We look to understand the heart of our clients’ businesses in order to offer better recommendations, better branding, and a better user experience for their customers.

It’s not enough to have a digital presence. With website design services, businesses of all shapes and sizes can truly educate their target audience. It’s capable of converting potential customers who aren’t sure who they want to go with. A strong website can draw in more leads, sell more products, and generate more revenue.

We’re passionate about what we do – and it’s why our clients continue to depend on us for building sites and refreshing older sites.

When you’re ready to learn more about what we can accomplish at Web Design Chorley, contact us. We’ll introduce you to our team and show you how we can make a difference in your web presence.


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